White Sage -  Rose Smudge Stick

White Sage - Rose Smudge Stick

Bruja Power Botanica
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White Sage -  Rose Smudge Stick is the perfect combination of clearing and transmutation to love.

To be lighted before spells for love, acceptance and magnetism.

White Sage -  Rose Smudge Stick is can be used in spaces, sacred objects, as well as smudging for the body.

The White Sage -  Rose Smudge Stick available at Bruja Power Botanica is harvested in the US, fairly traded in sustainable practices, and  is energetically cleared and charged before shipment. 


  • White Sage -  Rose Smudge Stick 4”
  • Printed instructions for sacred smudging
  • Description of prayers and chats to connect with and activate the White Sage -  Rose Smudge Stick