Spiritual Protection Tools -  Online Workshop

Spiritual Protection Tools - Online Workshop

Bruja Power Botanica
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Spiritual Protection Live Workshop - Online

 February 21st, 2021 - 1:00 pm EST to 5:00 pm EST - SOLD OUT


May 30th, 2021 - 1:00 pm EST to 5:00 pm EST - Cancelled 

Are you feeling drained and depleted?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the happenings in the world?

Are you feeling the energy and emotions of everyone around you?

Are you feeling spiritually attacked? 

Are you an empath? 

In this class, Bruja Power Botanica offers you the opportunity to learn and remember powerful tools to protect your energy by:

✔️ Recognize spiritual attacks, depleting circumstances and people, as well as to identify energy vampires 

✔️ Understand important concepts such as parasites, energy vampires, residual energy, soul suckers, shells etc.

✔️ Use a variety of methods  to protect yourself from negativity, entities, and draining spaces 

✔️ Create permeable shields of protection for your self and your space, a permeable shield will allow you to connect to light but be protected from lower frequencies 

✔️ Use protection correspondences (herbs, crystals, days, moon phases, and seasons) 

✔️  Create protective spells for your home and business 

✔️ Clear negative attachments and lower energies with self aura clearing techniques as well as spiritual baths 

✔️ Perform spells and prayers for the protection of your home 

✔️ Create recipes for protection sprays


No previous experience is necessary.  


This class is specially recommended for: 

✔️ Doctors, nurses, first responders, therapists, and anyone in the medical and mental health field

✔️ Real estate agents and those in the construction or space design field - particularly those who often visit multiple properties or have a high volume of calls or meetings

✔️ Teachers, caretakers, and anyone that has to actively participate in holding space for others 

✔️ Lawyers, bankers, and professions with high social interactions 

✔️ Healers, witches, psychics, mediums, empaths, highly sensitive people and anyone that is constantly receiving psychic attacks 

 What is included:

  • 4 Hours class with thorough and easy to follow explanations + processes to remain energetically protected
  • Pre-Recorded meditation for aura clearing
  • Workbook with recipes for spiritual baths, spells, and other tools for your protection 
  • List of correspondences for protection 
  • The opportunity to live your life with more energy, ease and power
  • 30 Day access to recorded class