Member, Mujer Luna - International Coven

Member, Mujer Luna - International Coven

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Mujer Luna International Coven

A community to transform, heal and evolve

Are you feeling insecure about how to use your magic?

Feeling like you will make a mistake when trying to cast a spell?

Are you in the need of structure and guidance to support you in the reclamation of your power?

As magical ones, we are often denied our power.

We are dismissed and derided for wanting to step into our truth. We are taught to be afraid of our strength, and how it should not be used in service to the life we want. Because of this, we shut down and stop practicing. Or we practice in secret, possibly filled with fear or shame. We don’t allow ourselves to fully connect to our higher selves and stunt our growth as witches. This is an awful place to be and we are left alone in isolation.

Do you desire to truly trust in your wisdom and the power within?

Do you want to attain the knowledge to change and improve your life through the use of magic?

Do you hope to feel free, strong and whole?

What you receive when you join:

✓  Monthly guest speaker with expertise on topics related to spirituality and witchcraft 

✓  LIVE Sabbath rituals

✓  Access to our signature program "Becoming the witch - 90 Day Journey Into the basics of witchcraft"

✓ Private Facebook group community

✓ Monthly moon magic reports, with rituals and journaling prompts

✓ Structured ways to follow non dogmatic spiritual practices

✓ A path to re-connect to the elemental forces and spirit

✓ Tools to support you with trusting your power and magic

✓ Grimoire pages, oil blends, list of correspondences and more

✓ Witchcraft books shipped to your home

✓ Yearly Mujer Luna retreat, in sacred locations around the world

✓ Access to over 40 hours of recorded classes on the topics of: spell casting, ancestral magic, correspondences, astrology, protection, psychic   development, grimoires, crystal magic, energy healing and more

Some of our upcoming guest speakers are:

✓ Madame Pamita - Author of Baba Yaga’s Book of Witchcraft: Slavic Magic from the Witch of the Woods

✓ Astrea Taylor - Author of Intuitive Witchcraft

✓ Doodie Graham McKay - Author of Earth Magic

✓ Minister Colin Bates - Course Organizer at the Arthur FindlayCollege of Mediumship, participant of Netflix documentary Surviving Death