"The first time I called myself a 'Witch' was the most magical moment of my life." - Margot Adler


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  • Are you curious about potions, crystals and spells ?


Are you in need of structure and guidance in the how's about magic?


What is included:

  • Monthly guest speaker with expertise on topics related to spirituality and witchcraft 
  • 4 live rituals to celebrate the solstices and equinoxes
  • Private Facebook group community
  • Monthly astrology report with rituals and journaling prompts
  • Structured ways to follow non dogmatic spiritual practices
  • A path to re-connect to the elemental forces and spirit
  • Tools to support you with trusting your power and magic
  • Yearly Mujer Luna retreat, in sacred locations around the world

Access to awesome bonus materials on the topics of: spell casting, ancestral magic, correspondences, astrology, protection, psychic   development, grimoires, crystal magic, energy healing and more





Are you ready to create a community to transform, heal and evolve in sisterhood?




What our members are saying:

"Mujer Luna is a great investment in myself because it creates consistency in my practice and a way for me to routinely connect to my magic and power. It creates a safe space of support and community in a centralized space with a diverse group of powerful women. Last, but certainly not least, it provides continuous education and wisdom into a form of magic with permission that might not otherwise be accessible. Not only are the resources provided a FANTASTIC value for the monthly cost, but the material is easily accessible and consolidated. If, like me, you get easily swept up in the mundane/ routine and distractions of life and need a little extra help coming back to your magic and power in an affordable, fun way- this is it. 100% recommend."

Nicole McDermontt Paratore

Some of our upcoming guest speakers:

10/24 -Badass Ancestors with Patti Wigington, the author of multiple Witchcraft books including Witchcraft for Healing, Herb Magic and Badass Ancestors
11/08 - How Witchcraft Saved My Life: Practical Advice for Transformative Magick with Vincent Higginbotham
11/09 - Soul Astrology: Exploring the Nodes as Keys to Your Life Lessons and Past Lives with Lauren Hershey
11/18 - Water Magic With Lilith Dorsey - as a gift all our members will get a copy of her book!
12/14 - Manifesting Through Touch - With Jen Fanning
01/20 Michael Herkes GLAM Witch: Magical Manifesto of Empowerment of the Lilithian Arcane Mysteries - as a gift all our members will get a copy of his book!
Upcoming Rituals:
12/21 - Winter Solstice Celebration with Wendy Mata
12/28 - New Years Celebration with Wendy Mata


What our members are saying:

This community is my spiritual refuge in the midst of whats normally a very hectic and fast paced life.

It is both grounding and up lifting.

I am ever so grateful and inspired by Wendy’s curation of all things magical and healing.

Bruja del Oeste



What our members are saying:

I so appreciate the beautiful community of Mujer Luna. Getting to co-create with this coven is so lovely. So much incredibly helpful information gets shared and I'm grateful for the other girls in the group! I'm working on realigning myself to my purpose and the things that truly matter. So grateful to have been brought in to Wendy's orbit and to be a part of the group! Really looking forward to the Reclaiming the Bruja Power workshop in the fall, too!



What our members are saying:

Wendy had brought together an amazing group with Mujer Luna. There are a variety of backgrounds, experience, and needs. The group is support of everyone and meets them where they are. We are all learning and grouping together.

- Kristen R.


An untrained witch is a dangerous witch


About Wendy Mata

Bruja Curandera by Lineage and Initiated Shaman

Wendy the Founder of Bruja Power Botanica created Mujer Luna to support other witchy women in their journey to magic and power, she believes that awaken women are a force of nature and the drivers to the transformations needed in the world.

Wendy received her Mayan Shamanism initiations in Yucatan Mexico, and was trained in Curanderismo and Brujeria by her family, she graduated from the Feng Shui Master class of Lilian Too in Malaysia, Ericksson College of Leadership and Coaching in Canada.

She also completed studies of Energy Healing, the Human Mind and Co-Creation in China, India, Finland, Brazil, Indonesia and The Netherlands.