Mapping Your Inner Cosmos

Mapping Your Inner Cosmos

Bruja Power Botanica
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Did you know that  Mayan astrology provides you with important clues regarding the way that you navigate the world, your life mission, purpose, struggles,  and destiny?
It drafts  a map of the main elemental forces within your core, unseen energy influencers, levels within the spirals of the reincarnation ladder, life challenges and a detailed blue print to live your best possible life?
For a limited time Wendy Mata, the founder of Bruja Power Botanica will be creating personalized Inner Cosmos readings. 

Wendy is initiated within the Mayan tradition as a healer and oracle. 
Reserve your spot now and receive a  a 25+ page workbook with comprehensive details regarding your Inner Cosmos map plus a 45 minutes video call to discuss: 
🔥 Personality traits in your Mayan Astrological Chart
🔥 Life challenges to overcome
🔥 Gifts and lessons
🔥 Analysis of unseen energy influencers 
🔥 Elementals in your Mayan Astrological Chart
🔥 Instructors on how to deepen your elemental power
🔥 Lunar correlations between Mayan Astrology and traditional Astrology 
🔥 The tools for healing and magic that are present in your 
🔥 Detailed list of elemental correspondences for your altars, spells and rituals
🔥 Personalized spell aligned to your Mayan elemental
🔥 Detailed understanding of your unique traits and how to use them for success and manifestation 

This is of limited availability, based in the traditional systems of Mayan astrology.

After purchase you will be receiving a link to book your reading. 

4 spots available, readings to occur in the second week of January 2023. 

(Monday to Thursday, 9:30 am to 1:30 pm EST only, no appointments available on weekends or afternoons) 

Disclaimer: As per Government requirements FDA (Food and Drug Administration), we are required to state that our rituals, readings and craft are sold and offered as curios only, available solely for entertainment purposes and are not guaranteed to provide any specific abilities or results.

All orders are non refundable. Please allow 5 to 7 days for orders to be fulfilled, The magic shared in this site is not mass produced, is made in small batches, in power, balance and strength. 

Wendy Mata, Bruja Power, Bruja Power Botanica and Bruja Apotecaria LLC are not responsible for any harm, damages, and loses resulting from the use of the trabajos, readings and services sold in this page. 

Purchasing the “Mapping Your Inner Cosmos” reading signifies your acceptance of this statement and releases us from all liability.