Shamanic Healing Session - Follow Up

Shamanic Healing Session - Follow Up

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This session is only for previous participants of our cord cutting or shamanic healing and curanderismo programs. 


Shamanic healing is the collection of ancient traditions and wisdom dedicated to reconnecting you into the higher frequencies of the source.

In a shamanic healing session, the wounds of your soul repair, and the pieces of your spirit that left your body are brought back (also known as soul retrieval).

In a shamanic healing session, you are energetically detached from depleting cords, implants, attachments and energy vampires.

The type of shamanic healing that I practice also incorporates:

Curanderismo (The Healing arts if Mexico), multidimensional healing, to restore the self in all the time, spaces and frequencies, trance work, connection to animal totems and elemental forces charts to define the vibrations of your day of birth and how they affect your everyday life.


One of the most important things that happen in a shamanic healing session is a cutting of the cords.

We as energy beings connect to the people, spaces, memories, emotions and all the things that have occurred in our life path.

Those connections may or may not be positive, some of them may be unwanted links that drain you, entities or energetic parasites.

In a shamanic healing session, you will get disconnected from what is unnecessary on your path of evolution, which will help you recover your natural state of happiness, joy, and power of co-creation.


In a shamanic healing session, I will help you re-discover your lineage, and ways to connect to your spirit guides and your spiritual board of directors, I will also share important aspects of how to keep your auric field cleared and protected.

If you are ready to disconnect from self-limiting beliefs, unhealthy habits, trauma, fears, and blockages shamanic healing is for you.

If you are ready to dig deeper if you are prepared to bring back the pieces of your soul and self if are looking forward to stepping into a higher version of yourself shamanic healing is for you.

Follow up sessions may include:

  1. Deep cutting of the cords
  2. Extraction of implants and energetic parasites
  3. Soul Retrieval 
  4. Aura clearing and chakra alignment
  5. Integration of the higher self
  6. Re-programming of energetic patterns
  7. Personalized Curanderismo protocolS

The techniques I use were passed down to me via Shamanic and Curandera Lineage, and are supplemented with other healing arts I have studied around the world, as well as Spiritual Hacking® a healing modality focused on release of trauma caused by Narcissistic Abuse, Sexual Trauma and PTSD.