Gnomes - Guardians of The Earth, Intention Candle
Gnomes - Guardians of The Earth, Intention Candle
Gnomes - Guardians of The Earth, Intention Candle

Gnomes - Guardians of The Earth, Intention Candle

Bruja Power Botanica
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Every detail of this luxurious 7 oz intention candle was created to honor Gnomes, the elemental beings that guard the earth. 

The scent is that of taking a walk around the forest, picking up flowers, and dancing with the Gnomes.  

This candle was guided by the gnomes in our home, they communicated the types of flowers to be used, the oils and vessel, their color preference, and even the moon cycle for the creation of their candle. They even gave their opinion about how to take the product picture.

If you work with gnomes and are in tune to them, you know that they have opinions about everything, they are loud, grumpy, playful, and loyal to the ones that honor them.

Gnomes are everywhere, they guard the land and protect the frequency of the ley lines. They travel within the roots of the trees if they have to, but typically prefer to stay in just one location. 

Gnomes love forest, flowers, trees, crystals and all nature, and are great allies for witches, healers, wizards, sorcerers and all magical beings. 

Gnomes - Guardians of The Earth was hand poured in a gorgeous crystal vessel,  designed to support you with:

  • Calling upon the spirit of the gnomes
  • Honoring the gnomes that live in your land 
  • Anchoring frequencies of protection for your home
  • Activating the ley lines that run deep in the center of the earth

With a wood wick, in a base of cypress, jasmine, cedar-wood and tonka bean essential oils, as well as phthalate free, clean burning natural fragrances. 

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