Frankincense Resin

Frankincense Resin

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Frankincense is used in multiple traditions as a conduit for communication with spirit, which makes it an essential sacred tool when wanting to enhance psychic mediumship abilities. 

In the christian tradition frankincense is known as the resin given to christ by the magi, in the Egyptian tradition is known to be used as a portal to higher consciousness, in the Greek, Chinese and Hindi tradition  is used to reduce inflammation and release energetic contamination.

Frankincense is often burned in meditation and prayer for connection with the higher self and light beings.

Frankincense is a supportive tool to introduce a gentile yet effective emotional detox. 

In brujeria the resin of frankincense is burned to bring good luck, money or to create amulets. 

The frankincense available at Bruja Power Botanica is certified organic, fairly traded in sustainable practices, it is energetically cleared and charged before shipment. 

For additional instructions on how to use resins go HERE


  • 2 Oz of Frankincense Resin
  • Charcoal tablets (10)
  • Wooden spoon for easy access to container