Fall Spiritual Maintenance - Earth & The Body System

Fall Spiritual Maintenance - Earth & The Body System

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During the Fall Spiritual Maintenance Program we will focus on celebrating the energy of the harvest, as well as  grounding and abundance.

The Fall corresponds with Earth and invites us into our body system, providing opportunity for prosperity, alchemy, and binding. 

When: September 17th, 2021, 7:00 pm EST to 9:00 pm EST

Where: Zoom Live

What is included:

  • A 120 min group workshop and ceremony where you will have the opportunity to receive a  guided process to release emotions related to abundance that may be stored within your auric field and timeline, as well as to release any obstacles that may be interrupt grounding and abundance in your life
  • You will receive frequencies and codes to heal any energetic  wounds that live in the body system, to ground, and to invite in abundance
  • You will also receive protocols to honor the autumn equinox
  • A PDF workbook with instructions and tools on how to take best advantage of the energy of fall, as well as its correspondences (herbs, colors, tools, and elemental activations) 
  • A PDF journaling experience to reflect  in the lessons and experiences that the way that you process abundance brings, as well as to reflect in the way that accept, love and nourish your body
  • By the end of the workshop and ceremony you will feel refreshed, freer, happier, abundant, loving your self and more whole

By participating in the Spiritual Maintenance Program  you will get to have the ability to acquire the tools, energy and knowledge to live your best possible life. 

All orders are not refundable but can be transferred up to 48 hours  before the  ceremony