Exorcism Resin and Protection Ritual

Exorcism Resin and Protection Ritual

Bruja Power Botanica
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This powerful blend of resins and herbs is a great ally to access when negative entities or spirits are attached to a place or person, or when the energy is extremely dense and heavy. 

It is also a support system when performing cord cuttings and to release entities of emotional trauma. 

A protection ritual MUST follow the use of an exorcism blend, this will ensure that what was released does not have the opportunity to attach again. 

The Exorcism Resin and Herbs Blend available at Bruja Power Botanica is certified organic, fairly traded in sustainable practices, it is energetically cleared and charged before shipment. 


  • 2 Oz of organic resins blended for exorcism or deep purification
  • 4 Oz Protection spell caste candle 
  • Charcoal tablets (10)
  • Wooden spoon for easy access to container
  • PDF guide with instructions and  steps to follow for the proper use of this blend