Communication With Spirit - 45 Min

Communication With Spirit - 45 Min

Bruja Power Botanica
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Channeling and Communication with Spirit

This reading is perfect for the times that you have a question that needs to be answered immediately, you will be provided enough information to take a decision or details on what you should focus on. This is not a mediumship reading, but occasionally spirits of ancestors may decide to communicate during the reading. 




I had the pleasure of having two readings with Wendy. The first reading was when I had reached a crossroads in my career, and I wanted to see if I should take on a new job opportunity in a completely different field. My second reading with her was about the direction my relationship was heading in. For both readings, Wendy not only provided me with insightful guidance of the things she foresaw in both of my situations, but she was also very empowering and encouraging. It was like talking to someone who was both a life coach and a friend. With her guidance and advice, I am now in a much better career field and I couldn’t be happier in my relationship.


My life was filled with endless questions. Luckily I crossed paths with Wendy. She is incredibly talented and after working with her I felt better equipped and confident to move forward with plans I had contemplated. Wendy is approachable, gives clear answers and brings lightness to serious issues. I would recommend her services to anyone in need of explanation and guidance.


Wendy connected with my spirit guides and ancestors, the message she delivered helped me to stop being afraid of using my spiritual gifts. I now embrace and love who I am instead of dimming my power and light.