Co-Creation Medicine Wheel™

Co-Creation Medicine Wheel™

Bruja Power Botanica
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(Limited to 4 participants per wheel) 

Ready to manifest your best life?

Co-Creation Medicine Wheels™ are here to help you:

  • Manifest a new reality
  • Tap into the power of collective consciousness
  • Release the mental blockages that stop you from reaching your dreams

Manifest a partner, the house of your dreams, a trip around the world or clarity.

Call upon health, strength or wisdom.  Whatever it is that you may want or need it is waiting for you.

Change your vibration and quantum jump to that better version of your self, the one that is radiant, joyful and in complete trust that all is well.

Where: Zoom Live - Zoom link will be provided after purchase

When: This 2.5 hours ceremony happens either December 10th 2021,  December 17th 2021, or January 7th 2022

How Does it Work?

In this powerful exercise, Wendy will walk the participants in to a collective ceremony of healing as well as into guided exercises to manifest through the power of energy waving and the Mayan Medicine Wheel. 

A group soul retrieval is included in the ceremony as well as collective channeling. 

Co-Creation Medicine Wheels™ are life changing, unique and magical. 

PS – Co-creation Medicine Wheels typically last around 2.5 hours, but please plan accordingly in case additional time is needed.

Dress comfortably and have water and snacks on hand.