Certified Healer Of The Soul™ Level 3 - Chestnut House at Fox Haven Farm, Jefferson MD

Certified Healer Of The Soul™ Level 3 - Chestnut House at Fox Haven Farm, Jefferson MD

Bruja Power Botanica
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Level 3 

March 18th, 19th and 20th  2022

Chestnut House at Fox Haven Farm, Jefferson MD

Join Wendy Mata, Bruja Curandera by Lineage, Initiated Shaman and Founder of Bruja Power Botanica for a journey of growth, magic, power, wisdom, service and  clarity.

Based in powerful techniques of Mexican Curanderismo, Shamanism, Spiritual Hacking - Reprograming The Collective Consciousness, Brujeria and Multidimensional Healing,  Cord Cutting, Soul Retrieval and Attachment Release the Certified  Healer Of The Soul™  will change your life and the one of the ones you will support. 

What is a Healer Of The Soul™ ? 

A Healer Of The Soul is the one that has the ability to see, and feel the soul of others, to see the pain, the trauma the struggle, as well as the joy, the hopes, desires and magic. 

A Healer Of The Soul is the one that as the ability to walk others thorough their own process of healing, the one that can support them, hold space for them, anchor frequencies of light, use sacred geometry, activate multidimensional healing, cast the elemental forces, all with the purpose of Healing the Soul of Others.

A Healer Of The Soul is gentle , yet strong, compassionate yet assertive, a Healer of The Soul understands that his / her / their path is full of opportunities to change the self and the collective. 

A Healer Of The Soul can be found dressed as a shaman, witch, therapist,  doctor,  nurse, engineer, or pretty much anything. A Healer Of The Soul  knows that anywhere they are they can make an impact and be there for the service of others. 

Healer Of The Soul lives the mission of healing humanity and restoring light and balance.  

Level 3 - March 18th, 19th and 20th  2022 - Chestnut House at Fox Haven Farm, Jefferson MD

$555 - Lunch, materials and snacks included 

Level 3 of The Healer Of The Soul™ focuses focuses in deeper identification of the soul fragmentation of your lineage, in here your will learn to scan the original blueprint of your roots and the roots of others, as well as powerful techniques for aligning them to the original blueprint, learning how to attune others and your self to a multidimensional Soul Frequency, as well as integrating Level 1 and  2.

Work with star-seeds and other galactic consciousness is included in Level 3. 

At the end of this level you will have the opportunity to  permanently Heal and Restructure The Soul of others to supporting them with living a life that is driven by light and galactic expansion. 

Lodging included. 

Meals are not included, there are several restaurants within driving distance, there is a fully equipped kitchen in the house.

    Airports in the area: 

    • DCA
    • IAD
    • RIC

    All fees are non refundable  and non  transferable