Bitch Be Gone - Defensive Magic
Bitch Be Gone - Defensive Magic
Bitch Be Gone - Defensive Magic
Bitch Be Gone - Defensive Magic

Bitch Be Gone - Defensive Magic

Bruja Power Botanica
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This 13 oz candle is hand poured and spell casted  to support you on kicking the negative bitches out of your life. 

Is crafted in organic soy with Mexican curanderismo herbs such as solomon's seal  as well as the crystal magic of quartz. 

To be used in situations such as:

  • When a toxic female (bitch) is bullying you either consciously or unconsciously
  • When a toxic female is being passive aggressive or manipulative
  • When a toxic female is trying to invade your space or boundaries
  • When a toxic female is creating conflict or attacking you
  • When a toxic female is projecting her wounds and shit over you

The magic used to create the powerful effect of this candle requires advanced techniques of energy waving and vortex creation, and it is to be used ONLY when you can be neutral to your ritual. Kicking the bitches out of your life means to send them far away no to hurt them. This is defensive magic not attacking magic. 

When purchasing the Bitch Be Gone Ritual you will receive a 13 pages workbook with the following information:

  • Best dates for your Bitch Be Gone Ritual
  • When to use your Bitch Be Gone Ritual (circumstances that justify use)
  • Ritual Instructions
  • Safety guidelines
  • Self reflection questions 

Please check your email after purchase for the PDF file of your ritual. 

Disclaimer: As per Government requirements FDA (Food and Drug Administration), I am required to state that my ritual and craft are sold and offered as curios only, available solely for entertainment purposes and are not guaranteed to provide any specific abilities or results.

Use all magic, herbs, oils, and candles responsibly. Remember the law of cause an effect and RESPECT it.

All orders are non refundable. Please allow 5 to 7 days for orders to be fulfilled, The magic shared in this site is not mass produced, is made in small batches, in power, balance and strength. 

Wendy Mata, Bruja Power, Bruja Power Botanica and Bruja Apotecaria LLC are not responsible for any harm, damages, and loses resulting from the use of the trabajos sold in this page. Purchasing the “Bitch Be Gone - Defensive Magic Candle” signifies your acceptance of this statement and releases me from all liability.