1 on 1 Co-Creation Session

1 on 1 Co-Creation Session

Bruja Power Botanica
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Last week I was having dinner with one of my clients, we worked together  in creating clarity for her dreams, we called upon the energy needed to make the shift from vision to tangible, we anchored the frequencies of co-creation and changed her mental patterns to live, move, walk and breath like her desires are a done deal.

She is now moving into her new beautiful home, the one that she manifested, and everything is flowing in perfect harmony, this morning she sent me a picture of the house keys! 

Her story is just one of many, my clients have shifts like this one ALL the time.

No matter how big is your dream, IT IS POSSIBLE

Allow Neuro-Linguistic Programming tools, shamanism, co-creation coaching and magic to be there for you.

Join me for a 1 on 1 journey to fulfill your wildest desires.

Give yourself the gift of a 1 on 1 Co-Creation session and change your future.

Whats included?

  • One 90 min session to call upon your wishes
  • A series of exercises to shift your programmings on abundance
  • A personalized guided meditation for daily listening 
  • A step by step guide on how to create a vision book for your desires
  • A channeling - reading to tap into the wisdom of your guides to understand and embrace what is needed to create your new reality

Online only 

ONLY 4 spots available for this introductory offer

Looking forward to co-create with you

Wendy Mata, Bruja Curandera by Lineage and Initiated Shaman
Founder of Bruja Power Botanica