Space Clearing Instructions

Smudging is an ancient spiritual practice accessed by our ancestors, it has the power to balance the energy of our surroundings and improve our overall well being. 

The smudging sticks at Bruja Power™ Botanica are certified organic, fairly traded in sustainable practices, and energetically cleared and charged by Wendy Mata, Bruja Curandera by Lineage, Initiated Shaman, and Founder of Bruja Power Botanica

To perform a smudging ritual you will need:

  • A smudging stick 
  • Matches or a lighter (wooden matches are preferred in the Mexican Brujeria and Curanderismo traditions)
  • A feather or a feather fan to guide the sacred smoke
  • Heat proof container such as a small cast iron pot, seashell or bowl

Instructions to follow:

  • Hold your smudging stick by the end with the stem, and with a lighter or matches light the other end  of the smudging stick 
  • Set up the intention of your clearing by praying and stating what you wish to accomplish, this is a good time to chant and say affirmations that enhance the power of your outcome
  • Invite your ancestors and guides to the part of your ritual
  • At the end of this page you can see more details regarding the use of each type of smudging stick available at Bruja Power™ Botanica
  • Hold your smudging stick for a minute or two as it burns, look for the tips of the herbs to begging glowing like ambers, if the flame dies out before this, simply relight it with the matches
  • Place the burning smudge stick in to the heat proof container 
  • With the feather fan blow to the smudging stick and aid the sacred smoke to become more potent
  • Pass the heat proof container with the smudging stick around your body, do this  before smudging your sacred space. Be careful not to burn your body, use the smudging fan to bring the sacred smoke towards you. Do this from head to toe then from toe to head, symbolizing the clearing coming from the source  (known as heaven by some and universe by others)  to the center of the earth, to the center of the earth to source
  • Smudging sticks can also be used to clear sacred objects
  • To smudge your sacred space start from the basement, or bottom floor of your house and work your way up to the second floor, have a window or door slightly open for the smoke and negative energies to have a way to be released 
  • Carefully move the heat proof container with the smudging stick around your house, ensuring that the sacred smoke goes into the areas of high energetic contamination such as corners, rooms less used, or the places where conflict has occurred. For spaces with very heavy energy loads it is recommended to perform a deeper clearing with pure resins such as copal, frankincense, myrrh, or the exorcism blend which is specially designed to clear identities, spirits and cut cords. Pure resins for deep clearing are available at Bruja Power™ Botanica
  • With the help of your  feather or a smudging fan you can guide the smoke to the ceiling and floor of your house
  • Smudge for as long as you feel necessary, places with dense energy require heavier clearings than places with flow and positivity
  • Never leave your smudging stick unattended
  • When you are done with the smudging ritual simply let your smudging stick extinguish or extinguish it carefully by rubbing the ignited end of the stick in the walls of the heat proof container 
  • Thank the spirit of fire and the herbs in the sacred smudge stick for supporting you with clearing your space and body

Smudging Sticks available at Bruja Power™  Botanica:

White Sage: White sage is considered a cleansing, purifying plant. Traditionally used in spaces, sacred objects, as well as smudging for the body. It has the ability to transmute  heavy energy into an energy of flow and clarity. White Sage can return stagnant energy into movement and elevate frequencies and vibrations. 

Cedar-wood: Cedar-wood Smudge Stick is the perfect combination of clearing and enhancing of grounding, ancestral connection and work with Archangel Michael

White Sage -  Eucalyptus: White Sage -  Eucalyptus Smudge Stick is the perfect combination of clearing and protection. It has the ability to transmute  stagnation and heaviness into flow and light.

White Sage -  Rose: White Sage -  Rose Smudge Stick is the perfect combination of clearing and transmutation to love. To be lighted before spells for love, acceptance and magnetism. 

White Sage -  Rosemary: White Sage - Rosemary  Smudge Stick is the perfect combination of powerful clearing while also anchoring the energy of  abundance.  A favorite one of students and professionals that require strong focusing and memorization

Space and aura clearings are necessary before ritual or spell work, as well as to continue the flow of abundance and positive energy. For questions please contact us at: