How To Use Resins

Pure Resin - Space Clearing Instructions

By clearing your sacred space with resins you get to tap into the power of one of the oldest traditions known in spiritual practices. From pagans, witches, sorceress, alchemist  to priests in churches, they all have found how deep is the release of negative energies and identities  when using pure resins as a magical tool. 

Your Bruja Power™ Botanica Resin Clearing kit contains:

  • Resins that are certified organic, fairly traded in sustainable practices, and energetically cleared and charged by Wendy Mata, Bruja Curandera by Lineage, Initiated Shaman, and Founder of Bruja Power Botanica
  • Tablets of charcoal

Additionally you will need:

  • A charcoal burner of brass, stone or any other materials that you can SAFELY use to clear your space. If you don't have a charcoal burner you can improvise with an old small pan from your kitchen, the pan must have a handle so you can easily move it around your house, just be mindful that the resins and charcoal may permanently stain your pan

Instructions to follow:

  • Place the charcoal in the center of the burner or pan
  • With a lighter or matches light the corner of the charcoal, and wait for it to start turning ashy grey (this is mostly after the sparkling is done and the charcoal is ready to stay burning for up to an hour)
  • Set up the intention of your clearing by praying and stating what you wish to accomplish, this is a good time to chant and say affirmations that enhance the power of your outcome. At the end of this page you can see more details regarding the use of each type of resin available at Bruja Power™ Botanica
  • Using the wooden spoon provided with your space clearing kit, take a spoon or two of resin and pour it over the charcoal, wait a few seconds to start experiencing the scent of the sacred smoke coming from the resin
  • Start from the basement, or bottom floor of your house and work your way up to the second floor, have a window or door slightly open for the smoke and negative energies to have a way to be released 
  • Carefully move the incense burner around your house, ensuring that the sacred smoke goes into the areas of high energetic contamination such as corners, rooms less used, or the places where conflict has occurred
  • With the help of a feather or a smudging fan you can guide the smoke to the ceiling and floor of your house
  • Us as many resins as you feel necessary, places with dense energy require heavier clearings than places with flow and positivity
  • Never leave your charcoal burner or burning resins unattended  
  • Before disposing ensure that charcoal and resins have extinguished and are cold, otherwise when disposing it could cause fire

  • Thank the spirit of fire and the sacred resin for supporting you with clearing your space 

Resins available at Bruja Power™  Botanica:

Frankincense: Frankincense is used in multiple traditions as a conduit for communication with spirit, which makes it an essential sacred tool when wanting to enhance psychic mediumship abilities. In the christian tradition frankincense is known as the resin given to Christ by the magi, in the Egyptian tradition is known to be used as a portal to higher consciousness, in the Greek, Chinese and Hindi tradition  is used to reduce inflammation and release energetic contamination.Frankincense is often burned in meditation and prayer for connection with the higher self and light beings. Frankincense is a supportive tool to introduce a gentle yet effective emotional detox. In brujeria the resin of frankincense is burned to bring good luck, money or to create amulets. 

Copal: Copal from the nahuatl word copali which means incense, was used in ceremony by Aztecs and Mayans as an offering to the gods. Copal is used in Curanderismo and Brujeria as a tool that supports with transmuting the vibration of the environment and releasing negativity, it removes recessive memories in the psychical aspects of a space, as well as imprints and spirits.  Copal supports healers with chakra balancing work as well as with emotional healing. Copal is an excellent tool for the heart chakra, it releases sadness, grief and overall discontent.  Copal is one of the sacred herbs used in temazcales in Mexico to generate spiritual cleansing.

Myrrh: Myrrh is one of the sacred incenses in the bible, being also an important part of other traditions such as Egyptian where it continues to be widely used in perfumes and love spells.  Myrrh triggers deep thinking and introspection, it is a great tool to burn when looking for solutions coming from the mind, the soul and spirit. Myrrh triggers a process of rebirth and transformation, and is an excellent ally to access to when having significant changes in life, such as moving to a new place, starting a new job or ending or beginning a relationship. Myrrh has strong female energy and is best used with the cycles of the moon such as the new moon and full moon.  Myrrh releases negativity in the environment and promotes self healing.  It blends great with frankincense, sandalwood and patchouli. In Brujeria Myrrh is used for attraction, magnetism and love spells.

Exorcism Blend: This powerful blend of resins and herbs is a great tool to access when negative entities or spirits are attached to a place or person, or when the energy is extremely dense and heavy.  It is also a support system when performing cord cuttings and to release entities of emotional trauma. A protection ritual MUST follow the use of an exorcism blend, this will ensure that what was released does not have the opportunity to attach again. 

Space and aura clearings are necessary before ritual or spell work, as well as to continue the flow of projects and positive energy. For questions please contact us at: