Welcome to Bruja Power Botanica!

Hello Magical Ones! Below are all our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have further curiosities and wonderings please reach out to us at support@bruja.us


What is the shipping process?

You will receive a notification when your label is printed and an order goes into production. Please allow 7-15 days for our magic creation, processing, and shipment. You will receive a tracking notification at the time of shipment! Our hand crafted, powerful magic is produced in small batches. It uses the highest quality of ingredients, in power, light, and spirit, with the purpose to help you create a fantastic life. We appreciate your patience so we are always able to deliver this standard.

Where is Bruja Power Botanica located?

We are an online Botanica that full-fills from Virginia USA, our mailing address is:

2650 Jefferson Davis Highway, Unit #1102 Stafford, VA 22554

Please note that we do not receive walk-in clients

How does order pick up works?

For order pick up please contact us at: support@bruja.us to coordinate a date and time, order pick up is very limited due Covid restrictions. We are not available for walk-in clients. 

What should I do if there is an order delay?

Once a package has been picked up by the carrier, we are unable to recall the package.

All packages are insured and we also recommend submitting a claim with USPS if the delay is past 3-4 weeks. 

If you move after placing your order, be sure to submit a change of address form to USPS so Botanica's magic can find you! 

What is the difference between a spell-casted item and an intention product? 

Spell-casted items are activated directly by our Founder, Wendy Mata. Wendy is a Bruja Curandera by Lineage, and Initiated Mayan Shaman. Over 5 generations of her family have practiced sorcery, and shamanic healing. Spell-casted items are imbued  with magic using ancient techniques learned by Wendy. 

All spellcasted candles include powerful rituals and workbooks to make their efficacy even stronger. 

Intention items do not contain spells. These are made with intention and blessings. Instructions are included with every product so you know how to best utilize their magic, and uncover your own. 

Can I use multiple spells at once? 

Each spell is powerful. Please do not light multiple candles at once or combine magic - use one spell at a time to have the best results and stay shinning!

You enhance your spells by:

    • Taking a spiritual bath to balance your energy field, and increase its resonance to the results of the spells
    • Burn an abre caminos candle before your rituals
    • Use cycle correspondences
      • Full Moon: The energy of the full moon is perfect for rituals that mark an ending to an experience, person or circumstance. Defensive magic is best performed during this time, as well as protective magic
      • New Moon: The energy of the new moon is perfect for rituals that that mark the begging to an experience, person or circumstance. Manifestation, creation and love magic are best performed at this time.
      • Equinox or Solstice: The energy of the equinox or solstice amplifies the intent and results of any kind of magic. This is also a time where vortexes of energy open and the vibration of the planet changes.
      • Wheel of Time: Pagan celebrations (wheel of time) are great days to start or end cycles and create different realities.

There are so many different products. Which one is right for me?

Depending on the kind of energy that you are looking to bring to life, is the type of magic that will be recommended. Something in you will light up when you see the right product or collection, trust your intuition.

Abundance Magic 

This type of magic supports you with changing money mindsets, attracting abundance, calling upon financial independence, and releasing the thoughts of lack and struggle. 

Well Being Magic

This type of magic supports you with improving your mental and emotional systems, as well as calling upon specific frequencies like happiness, healing, release of what no longer serve you and balance, well being magic is an excellent ally to help you have an even stronger connection with spirit and live your best possible life. 

Defensive Magic

This type of magic provides you with protection and the ability to calm down anyone that may be hurting you, bullying you and trying to minimize your greatness. Defense magic is not attack magic, our spells are specifically made to calm down the oppressors but not to revert their energy back to them or hex them. Our spells transmute the energy that is sent to you in to light, and we let karma take care of the rest. Our defensive magic is known to be REALLY strong and effective. 

Traditional Botanica Products

This type of magic is the kind that you would find when walking in to a hierberia / botanica / witchy shop. It includes spells such as abre caminos, sweet jars, personalized spells, spiritual baths, resins and smudging sticks, anointing oils, spiritual powders, herbal blends for your creating your own spells, etc. All the traditional botanica products we offer are hand crafted, with the best quality of ingredients available in the market. 


At Bruja Power Botanica we offer a variety of services such as psychic readings, shamanic healing, spiritual coaching, as well as cord cutting. Our services have a limited availability as they are all performed by our founder Wendy Mata, a Bruja Curandera by Lineage and Initiated Shaman. 

Classes and Workshops

An untrained witch is a dangerous witch, to her / him / their selves and the ones they love, and it is of utter importance that she / he / they work in the embracing and discover of their gifts as well as in understanding how to use their magic and power. Our classes and workshops are designed to support you with understanding your spiritual strengths and how to apply them in to the everyday life, they are designed too for helping with understanding basic and advanced concepts of sorcery as well as healing modalities. 

We encourage you to trust your intuition in knowing which spell is calling to you at the moment. If you want further guidance, book a personalized consultation. Stay tuned! For quick questions you can always reach out to our support email

I am not Latinx, can I use the products and services at Bruja Power Botanica?

Absolutely!! And thank you for this question and worrying about cultural appropriation. Our products are designed to be used by anyone that is respectful and curious about Latinx magic, as well as for the ones that use brujeria in their everyday spiritual practices, our products and services provide the best level of quality and efficacy because we utilize ancient methodologies passed to our founder via lineage, no corners are cut and ALL steps needed in the spells are always followed, no washed out magic is offered at our Botanica. 

You will be able to feel the power of our products as soon as you receive them, but ALL the secrets to make them are only provided to Wendy's direct lineage.

Some of the processes of Wendy's magic are shared to the ones that initiate in her programs, but extensive education, practice and follow up of a strict code of ethics are necessary before initiations. 


If the questions that you may have are not covered in this FAQ page, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@bruja.us