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Money &
Career Magic

Call upon abundance and flow  

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Made with love

All our products are handcrafted

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Results proven, with magic used by multiple generations of brujas.

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Made of organic and ethically sourced ingredients.


To provide the best Mexican Brujeria products and services, to help you change your reality and live your best possible life

Who we are

Bruja Power Botanica was founded by Wendy Mata, a 5th generation Bruja Curandera and Initiated Shaman who believes that magic provides a path to reconnect to our ancestors and spirit, a journey to freedom, safety and joy

Road Opener &
Flow Magic

Remove the obstacles in your path

Protection &
Unhexing Magic

Call upon protection and break hexes

Magnetism &
Love Magic

Increase your power of attraction and love

& Classes

An untrained witch is a dangerous witch

Purification & Healing Magic

Release attachments and clear your space


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"The first time I called myself a 'Witch' was the most magical moment of my life." -