Should I hex my Narc ex? LONG Blog Post Ahead


One of our tik-tok videos is exploding again, this time is a video about hexing.

The video says:

“This is your daily reminder from a fifth-generation witch, don’t hex your ex.”


Lots of people does not agree with this statement, and I totally can see their point.

Do not harm but take no shit tends to be a code for a lot of brujas and witches, including me. 

But let me tell ya something:






One last time, repeat after me, Hexing is IRRESPONSIBLE


Heaxing is the easiest yet more complicated way out.

Every single drop of energy, spell and vortex that we create has a consequence, and we have the utter obligation to specifically design our spells and thoughts in a way that consequences are minimized.

If you hex your ex, I am sure there will be consequences for him, her, they.

Hexes are real and can be very effective.

The problem is that if you hex someone you are doing the following:

Not understanding the laws of nature, for every action comes a reaction

If you release a negative spell, the negative spell will come back at you, now or later, and if you spell around without knowing what you are doing, you are likely to have weak protection fields, and you will be REALLY affected by your spell.

I am not saying this from a place of fear, I am saying it from a place of practicality, what goes around does come around, and if you are not protected it will hit you bad.

Avoiding taking responsibility of your actions

Hexers tend to forget to ask themselves:  how did I get in to this situation in the first place? How did I get in to a relationship that ended with the need of a hex? 

The truth is that there are bad people in the world, lots of them unfortunately, but truth is that we tend to get in to bad relationships over and over unless we change our patterns.

We fall for abusers and narcs because we play a part in it, and if we don’t psychoanalyze our actions, the bad relationships will repeat months or years later because we didn’t do the work of becoming better.

I do not mean that those people do not suck, or that they are not responsible for the pain that they have caused us. The pain is real.

What I am saying is, taking the easy way out (such as a hex), without really taking responsibility of your part too is a recipe for repeated disaster.

How do I know?

Well my ex was a Narc by the book, cheated on me multiple times, owned me thousands and thousands of dollars, destroyed my credit AND walked away on me when I was pregnant (this is the tip of the iceberg of a lot of other things that happened in that relationship).

He was a sociopath and narcissist (confirmed by the psychiatrist that did the personality test on him).

Believe me – If I wanted to justify an ass burning hex, I could have.

But instead of hexing him I decided to take responsibility over the “why did I fall for this asshole”?  and it turns out that my ego really needed to feel special, narcs are great at that, they will make your life look like a fairy tale, mine included a marriage proposal in Fontana De Trevi in Rome, with 3-carat diamond.

If I didn’t have the unhealthy  need for approval that I used to have, there was NO FUCKING WAY that I would have ignored the red flags. 

Mea culpa, mea culpa, me culpa.

Did the pain he caused me deserve a hex? Abso-fucking-lutly yes

Would hexing him serve me in any way? Not really.

What I really needed was to take responsibility of my patterns and actions and get my freckled self to therapy.

Hexing lowers your vibes

By hexing someone you are showing up to be in a line of magic that when done right it can destroy people’s lives or even kill them.

When hexing you lower your frequency, by hexing you let anger, pain, and negative feelings take over.

If you hex you are living from a place of revenge, not from a place of self-improvement and forgiveness.

Creating a hex can also create a vortex of negative spirits and attachments around you.

Why would you want to get yourself in that level? Why after everything you went through, would you like to be even worst instead of even better? 

Makes no sense, right?

Life is about going higher and higher, no lower and lower.

Law of justification or law of three?

Every brujeria and witchcraft belief system is different, some are of the thought that if the spell is justified you should go ahead and do it, some others believe that if you do something, it will come back 3 times stronger.

I personally believe if the law of justification, paired with the law of common sense.  

Does it make sense to deplete even more and hex your ex? Or does it make even more sense to use any energy left to rebuild yourself and become stronger.  

NO matter the size of the pain that was caused by an abuser, it does not justify that you get down to their level to destroy them. 

Nothing justifies you losing your light and affecting your power and ethics, NOTHING

Are we powerless then? 

Hell no.

BUT with great power comes great responsibility, and using our magic to hurt others is immature and irresponsible.

Due the constant temptation on hexing my ex, I actually walked away from magic for a year (hardest test I ever had tbh), I walked away because I was hurt and angry, and every time I was trying to do a ritual I would consciously and unconsciously wish him the worst.

When I caught myself in that pattern, I promised to spirit that I would HEAL instead, and find out why I ended where I ended, and never ever repeat the pattern again. 

Instead of hexing him I healed, instead of performing a raging curse that would cause ripple effects in time and space I healed, instead of living in anger, I healed.

Instead of living in darkness and failing the test between the forces, I chose to heal. I am now in the happiest place I have ever been, with a beautiful family, lots of love from a HEALTHY marriage, and proud to the fact that I stayed with my ethical code and in the light, even if it was freaking hard to do so. 

If you feel the need of hexing – WALK AWAY




No matter the size of the pain that you may feel, the damage will be even bigger if you succumb to your anger and hex your ex.


Cut the cords and HEAL  

Clear your auric field and HEAL

Re-program your patterns and HEAL

Your pain is real, but you are better than them. Heal, do not hex. 

Things that you can do that do not involve hexing: 

Ask Karma to come back 3 times faster, 3 times stronger.   

Do know that asking for a triple karma does expose you to a triple karma too, but if you have been good then lots of good stuff will come your way.

And if you haven’t been that good – then pay the debt to karma with the pain of your past, and balance your karmic bank account.

Ask your ancestors to clean the path for you, so that you only have healthy relationships from now on,  dedicate the rest of your life to stay in a better frequency and vibration, and never ever end again with a person that does not deserve you.

Cut the supply (with a cord cutting spell), stop giving your energy to the narc, stop feeding them. 

Be aware of victim mode too. 

Spend the rest of your life figuring out your triggers, your patterns and accepting that most of the games we play in relationships, we have entered with our approval.

It is not t easy to take responsibility of our patters and shadows, but it is worth it.

Don’t hex your ex, heal instead.

Don’t hex your ex, heal instead.

Don’t hex your ex, heal instead.


Just because you got involved in a Narc relationship because of certain patterns you may have had, that does not stop the law from taking place, if the narc gotta go to jail, gotta pay child support, or must pay their financial debts, get a very very good lawyer, your rights are your rights, and the law is the law. 

 Also - I am sorry that you got hurt.