The magical correspondences of February and how to use them in your life

Correspondences of February 

February is known to be a great month for spells of love, desire, forgiveness, kindness, lust, self acceptance, increase of libido, as well as to awaken passions of all kinds.

February is the month where you get to prepare to receive fertility,  not just the type that brings tinny humans to the planet, but also the fertility that allows you the birthing of projects, ideas and the accomplishment of goals.

February is the month before the blossoming comes,  here is where you get to strategize how will your life be like when you accomplish and experience what you have been working on manifesting. February is this month where you start walking in the as IF reality.

In February: 
  • Act as IF you already had the love and passion you want to call upon
  • Act as IF you already had the abundance you wish to accomplish
  • Act as IF your projects and goals are a success, and you have overcome the challenges and lessons of life already
In February you get to have the opportunity to accept and reconnect with your desires, you get to give yourself the opportunity to embrace pleasure for all things, to indulge, savor and have yummy fun. 

Pleasure in all things is connected to your senses, you will get to have deeper experiences with flavors, smells, textures, sounds and feelings. It is in February where the "dormant" body and mind starts to wake up, almost the end of the winter to be the beginning of the cycle of life that comes in March. 

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Colors of the month
The magic of this  month is activated by the colors red, pink, orange and deep purple, February is mostly connected to the root and sex chakra, as well as to the heart chakra. You can use these colors in your candle magic, the table cloth of your altars, by buying new sheets on these colors, taking colored baths,  or simply by eating  your meals in a plate that is red, pink, orange or deep purple.

Herbs, plants and trees 
The herb correspondences of February are: roses, peony, star anise, clove, cardamom, patchouli, sandalwood and Ylang Ylang. Some of them can be used as tea, tinctures, or to dress candles, before selecting them for tea please be sure that you have done your research and that the plants that you choose to digest are for human consumption (safety first!), this is particularly important if you are pregnant, lactating or going through any medical treatments. 

The crystal correspondences for February are: pink quartz, red jasper, tiger eye, bloodstone, amethyst, citrine and green aventurine. Wear them as jewelry, use them in your altar or find other creative ways to bring them in to the magic of the month and your spiritual practices. 

If you work with angels this is the time to call upon Chamuel / Kamel, specially to support you with bringing new or healthier partnerships. 

Power animals
During this time invite the magic of owl,  unicorn and otter to walk the path with you, they will be your supporters and guardians. 

By connecting the power of correspondences you will get to create and associate waves of energy that will contribute significantly to any outcome you wish to achieve. Magical correspondences are allies and tools to attain love, happiness, abundance and joy. 

Sending love and magic your way, 

Wendy Mata
Bruja Curandera by Lineage and Initiated Shaman
Founder of Bruja Power Botanica