Winter - How to live a life according to cycles


Once upon a time we lived a life according to cycles, we understood that our body, mind and spirit were connected to nature, we embraced the forces that drive the moon, the sun and the stars.

We replenished our magic by tuning in to the power that comes with cycles.

Little by little, productivity became the priority of humanity and we forgot to light our fires in the solstice night or stay home reflecting during our sacred blood (aka the period)

Now days, only active practitioners of ancient arts honor the cycles.

This post is to remind you of the tools regarding cycles that you already know, consciously or sub consciously, and it is an invitation to give yourself an opportunity to change your reality, and re arrange your entire life to live according to cycles.  

The main four cycles celebrated around the world are Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox, as well as New Moon, Full Moon and the Menstrual Cycle.

Winter Solstice

Elemental: Air

Realm: Mental

Color: White (in Brujeria and Curanderismo tradition)

The winter solstice triggers the light, this is the time when the earth starts receiving more light, but first it must endure the night of darkness.

The amount of sunlight during the winter solstice is at the lowest point, after the winter solstice more and more sunlight will come. 

Trees root system strengthen during the winter, they grow and gather nutrients to survive the cold days, but to also prepare to have what is require to thrive during the spring.

For us humans, winter is a time for rest, reflection, planning and release of mental patterns. Depending on where you live in the world, you may get to witness how your surrounding changes from green(summer) , to red (fall), to grey-ish (winter), you may even experience directly how your emotional system is affected by the lack of sun (also known as seasonal depression), or you may be affected by lack of vitamin D.

Ways to incorporate the winter cycle in to your life:

Getting rid of the mental clutter:

Winter being aligned to the elemental of air, is a great time to clear the mental programming or patters than have stopped you from being who you were meant to be. It is during the winter that nature supports you with mental releases.

Find time, preferably during or close to the winter solstice to write a list of the patterns that you must let go, pick one, pick tree, pick as many as you are willing to let go and do the work for.

Ask the spirit of air and the power of the winter to facilitate the process of release, invite them in to your space, invite them in to your life, recognize their force and spirit and allow them to become and ally for you and humanity.

Giving yourself permission to rest:

2020 has been an absolutely exhausting year, we have globally changed the way we live, coexist and even buy our groceries or go to school.

This year we had to change we do everything in order to survive. 

We went in to reptilian mode (fight or flight) and we stayed stuck in it.

Now that the year is about to end, and the cycle of winter is about to start, give yourself permission to do NADA.

Book a day or two in your calendar (or a week if you can) and rest, nourish yourself, recognize and be grateful that you did survive, but give your body the opportunity to process one of the most challenging years in the history of humanity.

Drink yummy soups, indulge in chocolate, take naps, stay in bed for hours or simply just chill. REST REST REST, Do NOTHING.

And if you are parenting during a pandemic like my husband and I are, you already know that we parents cannot rest fully until the kids are safely back to daycare or school, but I encourage you to take some days off from work and plan no activities with the kiddos, let them be free range for a little, stop cleaning and order a pizza, give yourself permission to be ok for a few days with curb side pick-up food or delivery,  allow them with out guilt some hours of screen time,  so you can at least not worry on keeping them entertained.

Cut the cords of 2020:

The trauma of this year MUST be released, we shall avoid at all cost the generational impact that living through a pandemic has brought.  Practice conscious exercises to release 2020, cut the cords from this year with the help of the spirit of air (ask air to take away what weights your mind, the fears and pain, and the uncertainty of the year), and reflect with the energy of the winter.

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Rituals of strategy:

During the night of the winter solstice (or around), write in a yellow paper with red ink that which you desire to strategize during the winter season, and activate your strategy with a (new) white candle.  Place the candle in the top of the paper and let it be the symbolism that represents the power of the winter.

Winter is time of strategizing, spring  is time of execution, being mindful to the cycle means that you are behind the scenes activities happen during the winter, but that your activities that are in some sort of public way happen during the spring.

For example: I am improving my core line of spells at the botanica, all the formulas, chemistry, selection of vessels, ingredients, creation of rituals and photography will be happening during the winter, but the re-launch of my core line will occur during the spring equinox, behind the scenes is now, the public phase will occur at the same time that nature starts blooming. 

This brings the intention to grow the roots of the magic offered at the botanica during the winter, but the wave of energy and impact that it will create will be coming to fruition in the spring.

Make your home the sacred space that makes you thrive:

Winter decreases our ability to do things outside, particularly if the winter is bringing more rain and grey than the beautiful white landscapes of snow.

Being indoors you get to have the opportunity to clear the clutter of your environment in the same way that you shall clear the clutter of your mind.

Walk around your home and decide what no longer feels right to the one you are today, release, release then release more.

Only leave in your space what makes it sacred, what feels uplifting, happy and light. 

Spell-casting in correspondences: 

Ancient arts of magic like brujeria (witchcraft) have specific correspondences to the cycles, in the case of winter, we work with the herbs, colors, crystals, oils and tools that honor the mind, air, growing our roots and creation of strategies.  

Herbs that correspond to winter: Rosemary, lemongrass, fennel, frankincense, hazel, sage, pine, dandelion and elm.

Crystals that correspond to winter: Crystal quartz, black tourmaline, moon stone, selenite, pearl, silver, diamonds and sodalite.

Planets that correspond to winter: This year we get to witness the great conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter, which are the two biggest planets in our solar system, we will not get to experience a conjunction this close again until March 15th, 2080. This powerful placement will signify the end of the current era and the beginning of a new one, giving you the opportunity to exercise life changing powerful rituals.

Tools that correspond to winter: The sacred tools that are corresponding to winter are the same sacred tools that correspond to air, such as drumming, seashells, bells and flute.

Working with correspondences allows you for faster and stronger results, be mindful of what you release and strategize, and be responsible.



The winter will bring you the ability to create massive releases, and will nurture the space for strong lasting strategies, as well as triggering new beginnings. Give yourself the opportunity to adopt the cycle of winter and experience its strength, magic and capability to support you with altering your reality and living your best life.

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